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Almost all of the models currently working with our high class London escort agency are available for worldwide travelling. This means that you can book them to travel with you to any part of the world. Whether you’re going on vacation or on a business trip, bringing an escort with you can be a wonderful idea. Instead of going alone or with someone who might end up making you more mad than happy, why not go with one of the most beautiful young ladies in the city, who is going to spend all of her time ensuring that you’re on the trip of a lifetime?

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If you’re thinking about a vacation with high class London escort, then you’re on the right track! What can be better than enjoying an exotic paradise in the company of a beautiful woman who’s there only to ensure that you have a wonderful time? If you’d like her and the agency can handle all the boring stuff for you. We can do research about your destination and come up with the best places for you to visit there, based on your interests. Additionally, we can take care of reservations and ensure that you benefit from the best possible services while on vacation with a high class London escort. Below, Astrid tells us about the week she spent at a paradise resort in the Bahamas. Astrid is one of our most successful high class escorts. She is exceedingly beautiful and extremely talented. In their reviews, her clients are often surprised of the short time she’s been working as a high class London escort, but only because her services and talents are so amazing.


A high class London escort in the Bahamas


Hey guys! I’ve recently returned to London from one of the best bookings ever and I thought this would be a perfect story to share with the rest of you. But before I do, I would just like to tell you that I absolutely love travelling. I haven’t been around all that much, but when I do fly to other parts of the world, it’s always amazing. From now on, I’ll make myself even more available for bookings abroad.

My story happened 2 weeks ago, but you could say that it started about 2 months ago, when I first met this particular client. He was recently divorced and this trip planned with his ex-wife. Unfortunately, when they separated, it was already too late to cancel without losing a lot of money. He was looking for a high class London escort with which to share this awesome vacation when he booked me. He took me out on a dinner date, we talked, we realised that we liked each other and we had a wonderful time together.

At the end of the booking, he told me about the trip and how he liked me so much that he wanted to share it with me. I told him I’d think about it and called him the next day to confirm that I’d be going. He made me smile as he enthusiastically told me that I was the most awesome high class London escort ever. I used the time until departure to get my papers in order and to ensure that there would be no work-related conflicts.

My client came to pick me up in a cab, as we decided that we’d travel to Heathrow together. I’ll skip over the travelling details, though we did get a little handsy on the flight, and go straight to saying how the trip was. In one word: INCREDIBLE! It was the best week of my life and my client told me he felt the same way. We relaxed under the sun, swam, drank the most amazing cocktails and made love at least 3 times a day. I felt really good at the location and in my client’s company, so I forgot all about inhibitions and just did whatever felt good. To be completely honest, I can’t wait until I can repeat the experience!

Thank you for your wonderful story, Astrid! It’s been a while since you last wrote for us, but we’re happy to see you’ve been having fun.

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