High end escorts and their romantic adventures – Kate

The thing that separates high end escorts from other types of workers that you can hire for companionship is that they offer the complete experience. You pay the lady for her time and whatever happens between you depends entirely on how well you get along together. But, thanks to the wonderful match-making services offered by our agency, you are bound to get along pretty well, much like Kate did in the story below.



Kate is a gorgeous young lady from Eastern Europe. She speaks multiple languages and she has the most gorgeous pair of dark brown eyes. Her natural hair colour is brown, but she prefers being a blonde these days. Her figure is absolutely perfect, just as her personality. She’s one of the most beautiful high end escorts London currently offers, but she’s also one of the most romantic and caring. Today, Kate tells us about one of the most romantic bookings she’s ever taken.


High end escorts and their stories – Kate’s romantic evening


Many would say that, because of their jobs, high end escorts are not among the most romantic types. I’ve often been asked if being an escort has sucked the romance away from my life. But, at least for me, things are the other way around. I’ve had much more opportunities for romance since I took this job and it has shown me how beautiful a fleeting encounter between two people can be. The story I’d like to share is a perfect example of this.

It happened last March and it began as my stories always start, with a call from a client. She and I had been on bookings before and she often told me that out of all the high end escorts she has ever been with, she enjoyed my company the most. As usual, she wanted to book me for an entire night and I was more than happy to oblige. The lady in question is married, but for reasons of her own, she never told her husband about the fact that she also enjoys the intimate company of women every once in a while.

We met at a small restaurant in central London, where we enjoyed a wonderful, candle-lit dinner. I have always enjoyed my client’s company, because she always knows how to make me feel wanted and beautiful. But our conversations are never limited to romantic topics. She enjoys talking about her family and I love listening to her. She once told me that, without our encounters, she’d probably become so frustrated that she’d leave her husband and her job and flee to some other part of the world.

 After dinner, we took a cab and went back to her hotel room together. When we got there, I noticed she had already placed rose petals on the bed and the lighting was just right for a romantic evening. While I went to the bathroom to freshen up, she lit a few scented candles and played a wonderful sax tune. When I returned, we started kissing and getting each other out of what little clothes we were still wearing. I really love being with women sometimes. I still enjoy the company of men more, but sometimes I just feel like being in the arms of a woman who knows just how to touch me, you know?

We kissed and touched each other for almost half an hour, until I went down on her and made her scream from pleasure with my expert tongue. After she returned the favour, I put on a strap on and slipped it inside her. Both of us were already sweaty and very sensible, and we both shuddered every time our nipples touched. We made love for hours, until she told me that she just couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. We then took a shower together and just laid in each other’s arms, talking about this and that until we both fell asleep. We made love one more time when we woke up, then we parted ways. So you see, romance is still alive and kicking, even for high end escorts.


Thank you for another superb story, Kate. We’re huge fans of your work and we can’t wait until you tell us about more of your amazing adventures.

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