High class London escorts and their stories – Luiza’s passion

Our High Class London Escorts Agency strongly believes that working only with models who love their jobs is a key element in customer satisfaction. We think that an escort can be truly high class only if she is very passionate about she’s doing. This is why our models are in it for the wonderful lifestyle, but also for the experience of being among London’s most desired women.


Luiza is a beautiful, young high end escort who represents the perfect example of a person who loves her job. From the first time we met her, she told us that she considers herself privileged to be a true high class escort. She loves travelling, red wine, making love and tattoos, though not necessarily in this order. Luiza is a 22 year old Brazilian, with olive skin and a pair of gorgeous brown eyes. She works out 3 times a week and always eats healthy, so her body is in tip top shape. You won’t even find a trace of cellulite on her! There are many other things we could say about this extremely beautiful young escort, but she likes to maintain a bit of mystery around herself. Get to know her a little better from her short story below.


High class London escorts – Luiza talks about a booking


I think I’ve mentioned it before in the other stories I’ve told you, but I really enjoy being one of this agency’s high class London escorts. It is a lifestyle that fits me like a love glove and it has helped experience things that I never even dreamed about while growing up. Apart from the fact that it’s a really fun job, that helps me meet new people, travel and have loads of fun every day, it also helps me pursue my other passions. For example, I don’t know how else I could afford to get the best tattoo artists in London to do my ink for me.

The story I’d like to share with you guys happened just a few weeks ago, right when that massive heat wave hit London. The agency received a call from a client who said he loved my profile and wanted to get to know me a little better over a dinner date. He had time to meet me on the following day and, luckily, I was also free. I try to keep the number of clients I see really low, so it’s pretty easy to find me on a non-working day, but if I’ve already made other arrangements, with my friends or hobbies, I like to respect them.

I met my client at the restaurant and noticed that he had described himself on the phone pretty well. He was a middle aged man, very tall and with very goofy hair. We introduced ourselves and he told me I was one of the most beautiful high class London escorts he had ever seen. I was wearing a short, white sun dress with red flowers. It really highlighted my curves and I could see that my client enjoyed it a lot. We drank more than we ate, though we did enjoy a light dinner as well. However, during the time we spent at the restaurant, we got to know each other quite well. We talked about our likes and dislikes, we told funny stories and, we talked about more intimate things.

When I asked him what turns him on the most, he told me he enjoys seeing his partner play with herself. He said he loves seeing a woman climax and that there’s nothing that turns him on more than that. I decided I wanted to put that to the test so, when he asked me if I wanted to leave the restaurant and continue our time together at his hotel room, I accepted. When we got there, we started kissing and got each other naked slowly and sensually.

I started playing with myself and I could see how much he enjoyed it. I really love pleasuring myself whenever I get the chance, but it’s even better when I have a partner that can watch me. Therefore, I climaxed in just a few minutes and both of us were loving every second of it. For the next couple of hours, we made love until both of us were completely and utterly satisfied. Now you understand why I love being one of this agency’s high class London escorts?

We do, Luiza, we really do! Thank you for your wonderful story and we’re really looking forward to hearing from you again.

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