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AGE 22
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Fanny – one of the best high end escorts in London


Fanny is one of the best high end escorts the city of London has to offer. A former model, she possesses looks that would make any head turn. With her by your side, you can’t blame anyone for being at least a little jealous. This gorgeous lady is college educated and very knowledgeable concerning London’s top hangout spots. If you are looking for A class escorts, Fanny is a top choice.

Having been a model and a high end escort in London for little over a year, Fanny has been through many adventures. She chose to share one of them today and we hope you will enjoy it.


Fanny – among the world’s high end escorts


“People have always seen me as a free spirit who likes to live a bit on the wild side. But the truth is I joined the world of high end escorts because I am really good with people and I love getting to know them. One of my more interesting stories started when I received a call from a gentleman who was new in the city. He hadn’t made any friends here, was keen on one of the best London high end escorts to show him around and decided to choose me. I felt flattered and asked him what he had in mind. He told me that he would love it if we could meet during the day and if I could show him around some of London’s attractions. I was more than happy to oblige.

We met near Lancaster Gate and I first showed him a few of my favourite pubs in the area. He shared that he is a big fan of English football and I told him that these pubs are among the best places where he could enjoy it. We then went to the London Eye, where he could see the city’s beautiful skyline. He asked me if I was getting tired and I said no. As one of London’s high end escorts, one of the best parts of my job is getting to show people some of the best things this city has to offer. But as we were both getting hungry, we went to a pub together, where we had a couple of pints and a traditional English meal.

While we were at the pub, he told me that he came to London because of a really messy relationship he was in. It was so hard on him that he just couldn’t even live there anymore. I could see that it still made him sad and I was able to empathise. The more he told me about himself, the more I felt that he didn’t deserve what had happened and I just wanted to kiss him and give him the warmth I saw he needed. I tried to give him some advice on how to move on, but he changed the subject and we went to Madame Tussaud’s. He really enjoyed the wax figures and I found an excuse to have him hold me close while we were in the haunted house area of the museum.

After we got out of there, he asked me if I wanted to see the apartment he had rented and if I could give him some tips on how to remodel. I was happy to go, as I knew that there I would be able to comfort him in the way I knew best. We talked a bit more when we got to his apartment and we both realised that we had a lot of chemistry. He asked me if he could kiss me and I told him that he could do a lot more than that. We started kissing and caressing each other, all while I was trying to keep him as close to me as possible. I just love how, as high end escorts London always gives us the possibility to make a difference in someone’s life.

We quickly got out of our clothes, took a shower together and started making love right there, in the cabin. It was really emotional love-making and we were both getting into it. After we both finished in the shower, we went to his bedroom, where I pressed my naked body to his. I started kissing him all over and, soon enough, he was ready to go again. While I was pleasuring him, he told me that he should have booked one of London’s high end escorts much sooner.

We kept going at it for almost an hour and we were both spent by the end. All the walking and the love-making got both of us really tired. Despite that, we spent some more time talking and he decided that he wanted to see me again. After seeing each other once every couple of weeks for a few months, he started feeling a lot better. He made some new friends and was finally able to recover emotionally. I really love telling this story because it represents why I became an escort. Some women do it for the money or for the thrills, but I do it for the people. “


Fanny’s story is the perfect example of how high end escorts can take a less than optimal situation and turn into a very good one. If you would like to book this extremely sexy and caring lady, check out her profile and contact us.


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