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InCall OutCall
1 hour £600 £600
90 minutes £800 £800
2 hour £1000 £1000
Additional hour £400 £400
Dinner date (3hours) £1200 £1200
Overnight £2500 £2500


AGE 24
TRAVEL Worldwide

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An interview with the lovely Fabiana


The job of a high class courtesan is commonly mistaken for high class prostitution. Despite that inconvenience, Fabiana has thrived in the environment and has become one of the most highly sought after escorts on our website. We have managed to steal a bit of her precious time and asked her a few questions, so you could get to know her a little bit better.


Fabiana’s thoughts on escorting and high class prostitution


Q: Hello Fabiana, we’re glad to have you here. Can you tell us a little bit about how it feels to be an high class courtesan?

A: Hey guys, I’m really glad to be here too. I’ve been an high class courtesan for almost 3 years and I have to tell you it feels really great. It was harder at first, when I was still being affected by people who thought I was into some kind of high class prostitution, but it doesn’t really phase me anymore. I’ve become so confident that if I happen to sleep with a client, I know it’s because I chose to and because I’ve felt good in his company.

I get up in the morning feeling great about myself, feeling comfortable in my own skin and, most of all, feeling happy doing what I love the most. I get to see the world, I get to meet interesting people every single day and I get to actually help almost everyone I meet. I don’t know how many people in different lines of work can say the same thing, even if they would call me a high class prostitute when I am in fact a high class courtesan.

Q: That’s great, Fabiana, but why do you say people think you are into high class prostitution?

A: Well, when I first started, I’ve made the mistake of telling some of my friends what I was doing. You would not believe the backlash I received that they. The man who I thought was my closest friend, who turned out to just want to get in my knickers, said I was nothing but a high class hooker. I got called lots of names. If I went out with my lady friends, the guys who knew about what I did called us high class prostitutes, high class whores, high class hookers and sometimes they even skipped the high class part.

It was hard at first, but then I realised that those people weren’t really my friends and, if they thought I was into high class prostitution, I couldn’t really care less. I think it just shows a lack of education on their part. I’ve travelled a lot since I became an high class courtesan and people abroad perceive us Brits as being posh and mild-mannered as a nation. They’d probably think again if they knew the reactions I got when I became an escort. But the main reason why escorting is confused for high class prostitution is a lack of education and probably the way us escorts are portrayed in the media.

Q: You are perfectly right. Then, could you describe how a regular evening pans out when you are with a client?

A: Of course. I usually meet the client at his place of choice. It’s generally somewhere in central London. Most of my new clients book me for parties, while my regulars generally prefer intimate dinner dates. I always talk to my clients and ask them how they would like me to behave. Some just want to bring a date to some special occasion, while others ask me to use my charms to make the event a bit more memorable. Either way, I have lots of fun. I am careful to never drink too much and I try to get as close as possible with the client. Generally they want me to be discrete because they know how often escorts are mistaken for high class hookers. If I like the client, the evening goes well and he’s in the mood, I’ll never say no to taking our date to a more intimate level.

Q: That sounds like great fun. And do you usually like your clients?

A: More often than not I find something interesting about them that really gets me going. I find myself wanting to find out more about them and getting closer and closer. Sometimes I even have to stop myself from coming on too strong. I usually try to weed out the people who think I am into high class prostitution during the screening process and the rest are fair game. For me, this is what makes this job so exciting. I love getting to know a client and I love letting myself be seduced by interesting men, and sometimes women too.

Q: We’re glad you’re enjoying your escorting life so much. Do you have any plans for the future?

A: Of course, doesn’t everyone? I hope I can keep being an high class courtesan for the next 5 years at least. If it’s up to me, I’d like to do it for about 8 – 10 more years, but it’s just so competitive, you know? I look at the other girls on this website and I think to myself “wow, they are all so beautiful” and I wonder why clients pick me over them. I would like to buy a house in the future and, if I’ll find the time, even start my own business.


Thank you Fabiana for your lovely thoughts. If you would like to book Fabiana, check out her profile and contact us! And remember she is a high class courtesan, a lovely date and it’s worth each and every moment of your time.

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