Fabiana: becoming a high class call girl

No matter the field you work in, there will come a time when you will find yourself faced with something very special. For us, the triple rainbow of our careers was meeting Fabiana, a high class call girl with more style than most of today’s royalty. Beautiful and seductive, in the short time since she took a job with our agency she has become one of the city’s most desirable high class escorts. Today we have a very special treat for all you Fabiana-lovers out there: the amazing lady herself is going to tell us how she got into this line of work. So, if you already love her, or you plan on loving her in the near future, make sure you read the rows below!

high class call girl Fabiana

How I became a high class call girl


First of all, I’d like to greet all of my clients and all those looking to meet me in the future. Without you, none of this would have been possible. I’ve recently watched a show about the escorting world and, well, even though it’s critically acclaimed, I rather hated it. I mostly hated the protagonist and how she basically strangled herself in a web of lies. With this in mind, the thought came to me that I wanted to share the real Fabiana with anyone who would like to know more about me.

I have been an escort for 3 years. Or is it 4? Wait, let me check. It’s actually 3 and a half. Funny how time flies, right? It all began with a bang, so to speak. I had been in London for a couple of years, but I just didn’t feel at home. I had a job, but it didn’t satisfy me financially or emotionally. On what I like to call a fateful Tuesday, I went out to a cute bar in Mayfair to have a few drinks and maybe meet someone. There, I met Isabella, a beautiful woman and the one who would turn my eyes towards escorting.

We had a few drinks together, then we went back to her place and made love. We were extremely attracted to each other, so we actually got to talk more AFTER we made love. She said I was incredible and asked me about my sexual preferences. After I told her that I was very open minded, she asked me about what I do for a living. She then told me that she was a top class escort and that she thought I’d be wonderful at the job. She said that my beauty, intelligence, skill and giant breasts would help me go a long way. It turned out that she was right.

Back then I told her that I wasn’t interested, but we spent hours just talking about what it means to be a high class call girl and how it was for her. On the very next day, I called one of the numbers she gave me and, several hours later, I was on my very first interview with this wonderful agency. They liked me and I really liked them, so when they made me an offer 2 days later, I decided to accept it. I then went on training for a couple of weeks. During that time, I learned a lot of the things that make me such a good escort for you guys.

After the training, I was matched with my very first client, a powerful man who really knew what he wanted. The agency told him that I was new but had a lot of potential, and he told me about his experiences with other girls and what he likes. We got along very well together and I think it was a pretty good first booking. On the next day, I made sure to thank Isabella for opening my mind to the wonderful possibilities of the escorting world.

From the moment I became a high class call girl, I never stopped improving myself and the services I offer. I really like to please and I think this is the perfect job for me. The fact that I’ve never been so happy in my life is proof.


Thank you for taking the time to let our readers get to know you better, Fabiana. This is why you are such a wonderful high class call girl. If you’d like to book one of our superb models, perhaps Fabiana herself, check out our profile galleries at this link and don’t hesitate to contact us!

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