An evening with Anais, one of our A class escorts

Annais is, without a doubt, one of our best A class escorts. She has plenty of experience in the field and knows just how to make a man happy. Originally from distant Ukraine, but raised in London, Annais possesses beauty even beyond most other escorts. She is a classy lady with a wild side, so she loves to party a lot. She is a great dancer and appreciates a passionate man. Now, let’s read what this amazing high end escort had to say.

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A class escorts who love to have fun – Annais


“I became one of the high end escorts London has to offer because I love to have fun. My ideal evening involves me meeting someone new and getting to know them as good as possible. The story I want to share began when I received a call from a gentleman who wanted to book me for an entire night. He told me that he is tired of staying in week after week and he wanted to spend an entire night having fun. I told him that when it comes to London high end escorts who love fun, I am the perfect girl. I like sounding confident when I talk for the first time with a client. He opted against making reservations at a fancy restaurant, as he wanted to keep the night as casual as possible.

So, we met outside a pub close to St. Pancras and decided to go in for a few drinks. We had a couple of pints and we talked about this and that. He was a middle-aged gentleman and he shared that he was the only one in his group of friends that wasn’t married with children. He didn’t have anyone with which he could spend a night out. He said that he was feeling like nothing could please him more than spending an entire night having fun in the company of one of London’s best A class escorts. I thanked him for the compliment and we had something to eat. I recommended eating together, as we were going to be spending a lot of energy throughout the night.

As we were eating and laughing together, I found that I was developing a connection with that man. We were feeling really great in each other’s company and I really wanted to spend as much time being close to him as possible. After we finished eating, he said he wanted us to go to a club so we could dance together. I told him I knew one that had really good music that night and he took me up on my suggestion. He said he loved how A class escorts are so knowledgeable when it comes to the best places for fun. We went there and we had amazing fun together.

We danced and took tequila shots together until everything became a blur. All I was able to see was his body dancing close to mine, grinding together, touching, sweating and feeling the music course through our veins. I turned away from him and let him feel my booty as I shook it to the rhythm. When I turned back to face him, I realized that this A class escorts night was about to get much better. I could feel how much he wanted me just by looking at his eyes. He wasted no time and asked me if I wanted to go back to his house and continue the evening in a more intimate setting.

I accepted because I felt like we had lots of chemistry together. We just clicked, you know? And so, we took a cab and went to his place. He had a very nice house, but nothing too extreme. It was cosy and seemed just right for a man who lived alone. As we walked in, he told me to keep my stiletto heels on. We went to the living room so he could poor us some drinks, but none of us wanted to wait any longer. I climbed on top of him as he was sitting on the couch and we did it for the first time right then and there, even with some of our clothes still on. It was quick and passionate, but it provided relief for the both of us.”

After we rested a bit, we went up to his bedroom and this time we had an amazing time together. He loved kissing my back while I reached around and played with him. We did it four more times until morning and neither of us slept even for a minute. Despite that, we were both sad when I had to leave. He told me that he hired A class escorts before, but I was the one who made him feel the best. He is my regular client now and I always make time when he wants to book me for a night out. 


Thank you Annais for your insight into the wonderful world of A class escorts. Annais’s story shows that an escort can provide assistance in an extremely wide variety of situations. Whenever you are feeling down, ask yourself “would booking a couple of A class escorts make me feel better?” And the answer will always be “yes”. If you would like to book Annais for a night to remember, check out her profile and contact us as soon as possible.