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1 hour £600 £600
90 minutes £800 £800
2 hour £1000 £1000
Additional hour £400 £400
Dinner date (3hours) £1400 £1400
Overnight £3000 £3000


AGE 27
TRAVEL Worldwide

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The Gorgeous Danyella – story of a high class escort


Danyella is a high class escort with attitude. She always knows what she wants and she will always do whatever it takes to get it. As one of the best high class escorts London has to offer, what Danyella craves the most is the complete and utter satisfaction of her clients. After leaving Brazil at young age, she settled in London, finished her studies and became one of this city’s best escorts. But let’s read her story and see what insight we can get from it.


Danyella shares a high class escort story


My story began soon after I became a high class escort. One of my very first bookings was with a very experienced gentleman who taught me many of the things I know today. He set up a dinner date through the agency, for that very same evening. Prior to that, I had only gone to about 4 bookings, so I was still having the jitters of inexperience. He said that he was going to pick me up personally in a cab and that we’d share it to the restaurant. He did exactly that and we was very punctual. I really love punctuality in a man.

We struck up a conversation in the taxi, and he told me that he wanted to meet as many escorts as possible. He said he had a really bad experience with a former girlfriend and that he wanted to be single forever, but not alone. He felt like this was a riddle at first, but he solved it by hiring a high class escort every week. He said it provided him with female contact and he got to meet loads of girls, without having to go through all the hassle of being in a relationship. His past experiences taught him that freedom is the most important thing in the world.

As I was pretty new to the job, I asked him how he felt about the other girls. He told me that he had been on dates with dozens, perhaps even almost a hundred escorts. He had been with high class Asian escorts, blondes, brunettes, redheads, light and dark-skinned girls (both separately and at the same time) and with just about every type of girl imaginable. He said that each and every single girl had been impressive in her own right, but none more so than the others.

When I heard that, my innate ambition started to kick in. I wanted to be the most impressive one, I wanted to be the one he’d talk about when he’d meet other escorts in the future. We kept talking as we drank wine and enjoyed the nice atmosphere. We were getting along really well, that at one point he moved his chair closer to mine, kissed me and caressed my thigh. I really enjoyed his touch, and I started to move my hand up and down his inner thigh. He commended me on the fact that I had initiative, even though I was still pretty fresh as a high class escort.

We talked a bit more, then we both decided that we should continue our conversation in a more intimate environment. We went to a hotel room and we started making love almost immediately. After touching me for a little bit, he realised that I was completely ready and I wanted it at least as much as he did. I could tell that he had lots of experience, as he was amazing in bed. Every little gesture he made, every single movement, every single kiss gave me pleasure. He put me in positions I had never experienced before and I gave him as much of myself as I had. I played with him, I left no part of his body unexplored as kissed and licked him. He asked me to do things I had never done before as a high class escort, nor as a woman. I put so much effort into making him feel as good as possible and I know for sure that he was impressed.

At the end of our meeting, he said that he almost couldn’t tell that I lacked experience and, whatever little I lacked, I compensated through effort. Over the next couple of months he booked me almost every week. Sometimes we went to dinner, but sometimes we skipped it completely and just made love until neither of us could walk anymore. I learned a lot about how to please a man and I think it was the experience that turned me into the escort I am today. I learned how important it is to be myself and now I can connect on an intimate level with almost every client. I consider myself to be a perfectionist, so I always go the extra mile to make sure that the client walks away completely satisfied.


Thank you Danyella for your compelling story. It is truly your drive to please that makes you such an amazing high class escort. You truly are one of the best we have ever seen. Danyella is now available for bookings through our website. If you are interested in spending some quality time with her, check out her lovely profile and contact us at your earliest convenience.

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