Client tales: an evening with 2 gorgeous high class call girls

Setting up a booking with our agency represents the easiest path towards an unforgettable experience. The High Class Escort Agency currently collaborates with some of the best high class escorts, high class call girls, elite courtesans and model escorts in the world. Through our ranks, you will find gorgeous British female escorts, but also exotic models from Japan, Brazil or the shores of the Mediterranean.


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Our friendly receptionist is always available to take your calls and to set up your bookings or to give you more information about our models, our agency and more. Recently, we have received an email from an extremely happy client, who was able to fulfil one of his life-long fantasies with the help of our agency. If you want to find out what that was, check out his story below!


Making dreams come true with high class call girls


“Hello, High Class! My name is Jerome and I wrote to tell you about how happy you’ve helped me be! All my life, I wanted to have an experience with two beautiful women at the same time. I know that it’s a pretty common fantasy and I know that many guys actually get to live them out in this age of hook-up apps. However, I was never one of the happy ones that could make it happen. I think this is because I have always been attracted to a more high class type of lady. Ever since I was a teenager, I always went for the unapproachable, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the shiest girls I could find. Needless to say, convincing such girls to let another woman make love to us was difficult, to say the least.

But, as I’ve been single for quite some time and it was my birthday recently, I figured I’d treat myself to something special. I decided to book 2 high class call girls at the same time, for my very first experience of the sort. First of all, I’d like to thank your receptionist for giving me all the information I needed. When I called, I mentioned that I wanted to book 2 high class call girls at the same time and that this would be my first time in the escorting world. Your receptionist told me everything I needed to know about your models, escorts in general, how I should act and what I should expect. She even pointed me towards a few tips and tricks posts on your blog that provided further assistance.

After that very instructive first phone call, I ended up booking Amber and Fanny for an entire night. I love how one of them is so slim and the other so curvaceous, while both being physically perfect at the same time. This also proved to be a great choice, as the girls were absolutely amazing! We went to a restaurant in Mayfair for dinner and I had a room booked for the night at the Dorchester, one of my favourite hotels, which also happened to be nearby. We got to know each other really well during dinner, but I must admit that I couldn’t wait to be alone with the girls. However, I took it slow, just as I read in the tips you provided. I never imagined that the high class call girls I’d book would be among the most wonderful ladies I’ve ever met.

After I’ve had my third glass of red wine, we started talking about naughtier things. That’s when I found out that Fanny really loves using her back door, while Amber is extremely proud of her oral skills. After teasing each other a little more, we decided to head back to my hotel room. Once we got there, the girls gave me a show that I’ll never forget. They started playing with each other, but made sure that I didn’t feel left out. Soon enough, both girls started pleasing me with their mouths and it was probably the best sensation I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t contain myself and I burst out all over them in less than 10 minutes. While I rested, the girls played with themselves a little more and gave me a refreshing, sensual massage. We made love for hours on end, until I finally couldn’t go on. I was exhausted and completely satisfied. So, I’d like to thank the High Class Escort Agency, Amber and Fanny for the wonderful experience they’ve helped me have. You’ve helped me make my dreams come true and I can’t wait until I can meet more of your high class call girls!”

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