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InCall OutCall
1 hour £600 £600
90 minutes £800 £800
2 hour £1000 £1000
Additional hour £400 £400
Dinner date (3hours) £1400 £1400
Overnight £3000 £3000


AGE 22
TRAVEL Worldwide

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Celine – one of the best independent high class escorts in London

As one of the top rated independent high class escorts in London, Celine is one of the best in the world at what she does. Sensual and playful, she has rapidly become one of the most highly sought after high class independent escorts London has to offer. Luckily, today we got a little one on one time with her. Let’s find out together what she had to say.


Celine on what it means to be a high class escort


Q: Hello Celine. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: Hey guys, sure. I’m not that used to talking about myself though. I am 22 years old and I mainly offer escort services in London. I used to model for a top fashion house before I started, but I am really happy to be an escort now.

Q: Why did you give up modelling to become a high class independent escort?

A: To be completely honest, I didn’t like the environment. Modelling is a very cut-throat business. All the girls who I worked with were out to get each other. Everybody was jealous at each other and they all wanted to be rich and famous and didn’t care about anyone else. I didn’t really fit in there.

Q: And do you fit in better with other high class independent escorts?

A: Yeah, I mean, as an escort, you don’t really get work much with your colleagues, unless a client chooses to hire 2 or more of us in one night. And even when that happens, well, let’s just say that things are a lot better. It’s all about sharing, feeling good in each other’s company and making sure that the client has a memorable experience. I think that this is why we’re called independent high class escorts, right?

Q: That does sound a lot better. And what do you think makes you one of the best independent high class escorts London has to offer?

A: Wow, I never really saw myself as one of the best. Am I really?

Q: Yes, according to customer ratings and feedback, you are among this year’s top 10% high class independent escorts in London.

A: I didn’t even realise I was doing so well. I mean, I never got into this job because I wanted to be the best. To be honest, I just try to be myself when I am with a client. I try to find out as much as I can about their needs and I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. And not because it’s what independent high class escorts should do, it’s because I really find myself caring. And if things go well, and they usually do, I guess I can be a very passionate person. Maybe this is the reason. And for a high class independent escort London provides plenty of spots where you can make some great memories.

Q: What do you mean passionate?

A: I am always genuinely interested in what the client has to say. Even if some might consider a topic dull, I always care, because I think that doing so makes it a lot easier to get to know the other person better. And once you know each other better, things get a lot more interesting. Oftentimes I found myself turned on by a client simply being passionate about a certain topic. I keep saying passion, sorry, but I consider myself to be an extremely passionate person and I love it when others are too.

Q: And what happens usually when you find your passion matched by your client’s?

A: We take things to the next level. If there is one thing I am really passionate about, than that’s sex. I love it when a client just makes me want him so hard that I can’t even wait for him to make the move. And if we do become intimate, I like to try to form a strong connection with them, but I think this is what all independent high class escorts do, right?

Q: The independent high class escorts with a rating as high as yours definitely. But what do you mean by connection?

A: Well, for example, when I am giving a blowjob, I like to look deep into my partner’s eyes, all the time. If I see them enjoying what I do, I feel happy, it makes me smile and I enjoy it also. And I think the experience is even better for them if I enjoy it.

Q: That does sound like a wonderful experience. Are you a fan of giving blowjobs?

A: I guess you could call me a fan of oral sex in general. I love giving and I love receiving. I just love those moments when your entire being is focused on giving your partner as much pleasure as possible. It’s a moment of complete abandon, I forget about everything else and I just focus on what’s happening in my mouth. And with receiving it’s the same thing. You can spend a few minutes just enjoying what your partner does to make you happy. I think oral sex is a wonderful gift.


We think so too, Celine. And maybe this is why you are among the top rated independent high class escorts in London. If you would like to book Celine and show her how passionate you can be, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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