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InCall OutCall
1 hour £500 £500
90 minutes £600 £600
2 hour £800 £800
Additional hour £300 £300
Dinner date (3hours) £1100 £1100
Overnight £2200 £2200


AGE 22
LANGUAGES English, Italian, Spanish
TRAVEL Worldwide

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Carina – the next level high class courtesan


Carina is an extremely gifted high class courtesan. She is a beautiful redhead with brown eyes and gorgeous, long legs. She’s smart, funny and has taken escorting to a new level. She has a perfect figure and is always classy and elegant.

When it comes to London escorts high class in particular, Carina makes an excellent choice. She is seductive, able to handle any conversation and likes to get very close to her clients. We could go on and on about what an amazing lady she is, but let’s get right down to business and see what this amazing high class courtesan has to say.


An interview with a high class courtesan


Q: Hello, Carina! We’re happy you could make it. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: Hey guys, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Well, my name is Carina, I am 22 years old and came to London with my family when I was a teenager. I just got my master’s in political sciences, I speak English, Italian and Spanish and I love going out and making new friends.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your life as a high class courtesan?

A: Not much to say, really, I just love it. For high class escorts London offers just so much. I get to meet so many interesting people in my line of work. I get to go out and have fun all the time and expand upon my knowledge almost every day. I also like to think that I am making a little bit of a difference in the lives of my clients. It’s really the perfect job for me.

Q: But is there something about it that you enjoy above all else?

A: I didn’t want to say it at first, but yeah, there is. As a high class courtesan, I meet a lot of people I like. This also brings me quite a bit of satisfaction on a more physical level.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Well, whenever I meet a client that I really like and I can see that he really likes me back, I just get so turned on. I love knowing that I am appreciated and I am usually very grateful for it. I have become a bit more intimate with clients in the past, solely based on the fact that I loved the way they looked at me. Just connecting with a man and noticing how he’s undressing me with his eyes gets me so excited that sometimes I can’t even wait for him to tell me to go somewhere a little more private.  

Q: What other turn-ons do you have?

A: So many things turn me on, actually. I have a very high libido. I like intelligent men. I just love it when I can talk to a man and feel that he gets me. I am also really turned on by more mature men. And I am not just talking about the age. But more mature men just have a distinct way of looking upon the world. As a high class courtesan, I learned a lot from mature men. And when I become intimate with a man, I love it if he gives my breasts a lot of attention. I like having them kissed, licked, squeezed and even slapped in the right circumstances. Any man only needs to do that to get me halfway there.

Q: You do have a gorgeous pair of breasts, Carina. What else do you enjoy doing in bed?

A: When it comes to sex? Anything gets me going. It all depends on the mood, I guess. If I’d have to pick a favourite position, it would be doggy. I love being taken hard in this position, while I have my face buried in a pillow. But I can get off doing almost anything. I love being generous in bed and pleasing my partner using everything I have, my hands, my breasts, my mouth. It brings me so much satisfaction to know that I can do things for a man that they wouldn’t normally get from any other woman.

Q: That sounds very exciting. And how has being a high class courtesan affected your personal life?

A: It hasn’t affected it all that much, I guess. Only a couple of very close friends know what I do. I am a very private person. When I work, I love to get to know as much about a client as possible. It helps me form a connection with them. But in my private life, I mostly keep to myself and I appreciate it when others do the same. Ever since I started working for this high class escort agency, I have learned a great deal. The things I’ve learned have helped me a lot in my private life as well and I guess that I’ve become a better person since I started out as a high class courtesan.


We’d like to thank the lovely Carina for this wonderful interview. We think it has helped us get to know you a little bit better and it has done the same for all the men and women reading from home. If you would like to book this truly stunning high class courtesan, check out her profile and contact us as soon as you want!

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