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Throughout the years since this agency was born, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best high class escorts London has to offer. We have worked, and are still working with incredibly beautiful women, some of the most beautiful in the country. Not only that, but all of the girls in our line-up are quite accomplished as escorts and know that being able to satisfy all the needs of their clients requires tremendous self-improvement.

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Thus, the beautiful, smart, caring and open-minded women we work with use every day to become smarter, more beautiful and better at what they do. One such a lady is Annais. Her exotic beauty has mesmerised both us and her clients from the day she first took a job with us. She’s always ready for a new challenge and she always goes the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of her bookings is absolutely perfect. In the last year or so, we have received countless amazing reviews and letters of appreciation for her. Today, we have decided to finally post one, in honour of one of the best high class escorts London has ever seen.


High class escorts London – a client’s letter for Annais


“Hello High Class! My name is Roger and last night I was on a booking with the gorgeous Annais. Before she left this morning, I told her that I thought she was one of the best high class escorts London has ever seen and if it would be OK to write a short review of my time with her. She was so kind and told me that it would help her, but that I shouldn’t spend my precious time on that. It just goes to show what a wonderful character this girl has.

Alright, so where to start? At beginning, I suppose. I had a couple of days off and I figured I could use some company, so I started looking for a nice escort. After finding a few nice reviews about a girl on this site, Fabiana, I started looking at your profiles. Even though I came for Fabiana, Annais really caught my eye. From her pictures I could tell that she was basically my ideal woman. I really like them dark and mysterious and with curves in all the right places. I called to see if she was available for the entire night and, after just a couple of minutes, the booking was done. Oh and I’d like to thank whoever it was at the agency that helped me with booking a hotel room and a table at that restaurant. They were both amazing!

A few hours later, I met Annais at the restaurant and I could not believe how beautiful she was. You guys need to change her pictures and post some that do her justice because she’s even more beautiful in real life. Anyway, I did my best to not gawk at her and to keep my mouth closed when I wasn’t speaking. We really hit it off, thanks to her I guess. She’s just so open to talking about anything and she was a joy to be around. We had a wonderful dinner together, then we went for a walk. We held hands and kissed, which just goes to show how well we got along and how good she is at the whole girlfriend experience. I then asked her if she wanted to go back to the hotel room with me, and she seemed genuinely excited at the prospect.

A short parenthesis here: during dinner, we talked a lot about our sexual preferences, favourite positions, fantasies and so on. And when we got to my room, she told me that, if I was up to it, she would love to fulfil some of them. We made love for hours and I think she was the best I’ve ever been with. She let me do just about anything I wanted and we lived through a lot of pleasure together. With her, I was finally able to fulfil my fantasy of being with a veritable Brazilian lady. Thank you, Annais and thank you High Class for this wonderful night. She really is one of the best high class escorts London has to offer and I can’t wait to meet her again! Regards, Roger!”


Thank you, Roger, for all your kind words. We understand that Annais has already thanked you personally.

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