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Through the customer feedback we love so much we found out that many of our clients consider Alice to be the best high class escort in London. This Italian stunner is one of the most beautiful women currently living in the country. She always keeps her body in tip top condition and is ready for any challenge thrown her way.

Her olive skin and dark eyes are not the only impressive features she has. In fact, she is probably the most interesting high class escort in London right now. Let’s read her story together and find out more about this incredible beauty.

Alice our best high class escort in London
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Getting to know the best high class escort in London


“My biggest passion, and the main reason why I have always strived to become the best high class escort in London, is meeting new people and making them happy. Ever since I was little, I have always had the desire to make the people around me happy. Whenever one of my friends was sad, I was always there to provide support. I guess you could say it made me happy to see them happy.

When I first came to London, I was given the opportunity to get into high class escorting. I was told that the high class escorts London has to offer are well-known for being the best in the business and have the highest level of customer satisfaction. I immediately jumped at the chance, as I knew that becoming the best high class escort in London would help me make other people happy.

My story began when I was about a month into my new job. I received a call from a lady who was visiting the city and wanted an escort to keep her company. She booked me for a dinner date and I was looking forward to meeting her. She was the first woman that ever booked me for my high class escorting services. We decided that it would be best if she took a cab and picked me up along the way.

Right from the start, I realised that I could connect with this woman. I think she was in her 40s, but she did not look a day over 30. I made a mental note to ask her how she is able to keep her stunning good looks. We talked about this and that in the cab. She told me that it was her first time visiting London and she wanted to learn as much as possible about the city’s night life. We arrived at the restaurant, where the first question she asked me was why I became a high class escort in London. I told her how passionate I am about people, and she shared a few personal stories. We started talking more and more and revealed some interesting intimate details.

She asked me about my sexual preferences and I told her that I am very open minded. I appreciate passion in my partners and I don’t really care about genders. Once dinner was over, we decided to continue our date in a more intimate environment. She took me up to her hotel room and, while in the elevator, she took my hand and kissed it. I kissed her on the lips and prepared myself for a night of passion. We slowly undressed each other and started making love. I had never been with another woman in my career as a high class escort in London and I was feeling a bit nervous. However, she sensed that and made me feel very comfortable as I pleasured her. We made love for hours. She was very generous in bed and I tried to give back as much as I could. It was an incredible experience and I was sad when it was over. But just before I left, she told me that she’ll be in London for the next couple of weeks and planned to book me again.

We met four more times while she was there and it was one of the best moments in my career as a high class escort in London. For our third meeting, she booked me for a party where she would be attending with two of her male co-workers. She said she liked both of them and, if I liked them too, we could turn that evening into a very special one. She was quite right, as the 4 of us took to each other almost immediately. We left the party after one hour and we went back to my client’s hotel room, where the 4 of us all made love to each other. It was the wildest night I’ve ever had in my life. Her bed was very large so we all fit on it, and I felt amazing kissing and caressing her while the men made love to us. We spent the entire night together and switched partners often. When the guys got a little tired, we continued and pleasured each other until they were ready to go again. It just felt so good to pleasure that client in every way, and I guess that’s why I became an escort.”


Thank you Alice for a very intense story. We are sure that this is just one example of why you are thought of as the best high class escort in London. If you would like to book Alice, check out her great profile and contact us for details.

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