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AGE 24
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Stories from our high class independent escorts – Astrid


Astrid is one of those high class independent escorts that dreams are made of. Her incredible beauty is only matched by her quick wit and her sense of adventure. Throughout her career, she has made many friends and has gone on numerous adventures.

In a previous interview, Astrid told us that, for high class independent escorts London can provide numerous opportunities to experience new things. Today she will share one of her stories and hopefully we will get to know her a little bit better. Let’s hear what Astrid had to say.


High class independent escorts – Astrid’s story


“My career as one of this agency’s high class independent escorts hasn’t been that long, but it has been a very eventful one. I’ve met a lot of people and I got to experience more interesting things that I thought I would in my entire life. One such experience came when I got my very first call from a lady interested in acquiring my services. I knew that many independent high class escorts also cater to women and I was always interested in such an experience.

She told me that her husband had just gotten an amazing new job in London and they wanted to celebrate in a very special way. She told me what they had in mind and asked me if I was interested. As it was an opportunity that I was really looking forward to, I said yes. She then said that they were new in town and asked me if I could recommend a classy restaurant where we could have a nice meal and together and celebrate. I told them I knew just the spot and that I would make reservations for later that evening. I’ve always known that, for a high class independent escort London would eventually provide such an opportunity and I was looking forward to meeting the couple.

The woman who contacted me took a cab and came to pick me up personally and we went together to the restaurant, where we were expected by her husband. They were both very well dressed for the occasion. She wore a little black dress, he was wearing a tux, while I decided I would go for a short, slightly tight red dress. We all exchanged names and were seated. They ordered one of the most expensive bottles of champagne, the lady complimented me on my looks and attire and we started talking.

They told me that they always wanted to come live in London and that the husband’s new job was a tremendous opportunity. They asked me what it’s like to be one of this city’s high class independent escorts and I told them it’s basically my dream job. I shared my opinion that for a high class independent escort London is probably the best city in the world. I noticed that the husband was feeling a bit uneasy and I was trying to be careful not to overstep my boundaries. But the wife’s demeanour was very reassuring and she started sharing some of his greatest qualities and the story of how they met. They seemed to be a very open minded couple who loved each other very much. Before our meal was served, the husband loosened up and we all got to know each other better.

We all shared stories and started feeling great in each other’s company. They told me that they were always fascinated by high class independent escorts and that they were very happy to finally meet one. While we were having dessert, I noticed the wife’s hand going up and down her husband’s thigh. When she noticed my gaze, she gave me the most seductive smile I had seen in my entire life. It literally sent shivers down my spine. It was then that she asked me if, after the meal, I wanted to go see the apartment they rented. I was really interested to see where the night would go, so I accepted.

They gave me a tour of their apartment and, when we got to the bedroom, things got a little steamy. The wife kissed me, and I kissed her back. She started kissing my neck and my earlobe as we undressed each other, all while the husband was watching. We got down to our undies when she took me by the hand and we got into the bed next to him. She unfastened his belt buckle while I unbuttoned his shirt. The wife took out a sex toy and we all started playing with each other and giving each other pleasure.

Then, she whispered in my ear, just loud enough for him to hear “let’s make it all about him.” We both focused our charms on making him feel good, we kissed and licked him all over and made love until the three of us were fully spent. Despite his advanced years, he was very virile and had great stamina. I guess he was the kind of man even high class independent escorts dream about. When it was all over, I got ready to leave and both of them thanked me for an amazing experience. I called a cab and went home, but we still keep in touch.

Thank you Astrid for this very interesting and steamy story. We can see why you are one of our best high class independent escorts. If you would like to create unforgettable memories with Astrid as well, contact us and book her today!

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