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InCall OutCall
1 hour £600 £600
90 minutes £800 £800
2 hour £1000 £1000
Additional hour £400 £400
Dinner date (3hours) £2200 £2200
Overnight £3000 £3000


AGE 24
LANGUAGES English, Spanish, Portuguese
TRAVEL Worldwide

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Beautiful high class escorts – Amber


Amber is one of the most beautiful high class escorts currently working for our agency. This gorgeous Slovakian princess is the best possible option if you want to go out on a date, but avoid the hassle commonly associated with the dating scene. She is beautiful and smart, and she knows a lot about the city, having lived here for over four years.

If you decide to book Amber, you will find yourself spending time with an extremely charming 24 year old beauty that loves to talk and get to know people. She has a great sense of humour and is a very easy-going girl. Furthermore, she is one of the high class escorts who are very serious about her work and she is well-known for going the extra mile to make a client feel as comfortable as possible.


Amber’s story – why high class escorts love what they do


“I have always been a big lover of human beings. In fact, this is the main reason why I became one of this city’s high class escorts. I love getting to know people and I love knowing that they feel good because of me. One of the stories that have brought me most satisfaction started a couple of months ago, when a client wanted to book me for a dinner date with him and his girlfriend. I had a bit of experience with other couples, so I accepted. The booking was made for two days later. On the next day, the man called me again to tell me that he and his girlfriend broke up and if we could still see each other. I, of course, accepted.

We met at the agreed upon restaurant and we started our conversation as he asked me a few questions about himself. Like how long have I had this job for, how is life for high class escorts in London, the opportunities for high class escorts London provides and a few others. I answered all of his questions as we shared a bottle of wine and we started talking about him. He told me that he and his girlfriend were a very open minded couple.

They were not exclusive with each other and they even had group sex with other couples, but their only rule was that they had to share everything. For some reason, she decided to sleep with another man and lie to him about it. He told me that, even though it broke his heart, he had to end their relationship as he could no longer trust her. He felt that such an open minded relationship can only work if both partners are honest. I told him that I agreed with him and honesty was something very important for high class escorts as well.

I could see that he was still affected by his recent break up and all I wanted to do was make him feel a little better. I always try to go the extra mile when it comes to pleasing a client. I told him that and he said he’ll ask me if there is something I can do. We spent the next hour or so eating and telling stories. We felt great in each other’s company and I even managed to make him smile a few times. I really felt like we had a connection. So when he asked me if my offer to try to help was still available, I said yes and he invited me to his apartment.

We took a cab and we started kissing almost immediately. I could feel the passion building up in my loins and I knew that he felt the same. When we got to his bedroom, he asked me if he could kiss and lick me all over my body, and I said I’ll let him if he lets me do the same to him. We kissed each other a lot and I noticed that he spent a lot of time on my buttocks. We made love together and it was amazing. We were joined together in the form of a lotus and it felt amazing to make love to him while my breasts were pressed tight against his chest. We both finished together in what seemed like an endless climax. It was one of my best experiences as one of this city’s high class escorts.

About 10 minutes after, he was ready to go again and asked me if I could let him try the back door. I was still a virgin there, but in that moment I felt like I wanted to do anything to please him. I told him that we could try, but he had to be gentle because it really was my first time doing that. He understood and was very patient with me. He started doing it very slowly, and only after he made sure that I was completely ready for it. It hurt a bit at first, but after a while I started to stop feeling the pain and to only feel pleasure. It was a wonderful experience. I’ve been with other men and other clients since then, but nobody has asked me to do it again. However, I think that I would happily do it for the right man. “


Amber’s story shows how great of a pick-me-up it can be to hire one of our top high class escorts in your time of need. If you would like to book Amber and create some special memories together, check out her profile and contact us!

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