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InCall OutCall
1 hour £500 £500
90 minutes £700 £700
2 hour £8000 £8000
Additional hour £300 £300
Dinner date (3hours) £1100 £1100
Overnight £2200 £2200


AGE 24
LANGUAGES English, Italian
TRAVEL Worldwide

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Getting to know the best high class escort UK provides


Alessia is the best high class escort UK has to offer. Her incredible beauty speaks for itself, while the lady’s character is impeccable. There are many reasons why one would choose a high class escort UK based or otherwise, and all of them can be answered by this amazing girl. Her gorgeous slim figure, her beautiful features and her incredible mind make her the perfect option if you are looking for a night to remember. Here is one of this beautiful girl’s amazing story.


A wonderful story from the best high class escort UK has to offer


“This story is really fresh, as it happened just a couple of weeks ago. I got a call from a man, asking me if I receive bookings from younger clients. I asked him his age and what he had in mind. He told me that he’s in his early twenties and is coming down from Manchester for a couple of days. His plans were to take me out on a dinner date. I figured there was nothing wrong with that, even though I usually take bookings from more mature gentlemen.

I met him that very same evening close to Madame Tussaud’s and we walked together to the restaurant. He was an attractive guy, about the same age as I am, but I could see that he was really nervous. He told me that I was the best of the high class escorts UK has to offer, even before we got to the restaurant. I could see that he didn’t have a lot of experience, so I set out to make him as comfortable as possible. I complimented him on his attire and told him he’s very handsome. It was the cutest thing when I saw him blush at my compliments!

After we were seated, he asked me if I would like something to drink and I suggested he could order a bottle of champagne that we could share. After he drank his first glass, he started to open up a little bit more. He told me he was some sort of a professional gamer and that he was in town for a competition. Apparently it was pretty big, because he said he’ll go to the world championship if he manages to win. He seemed really comfortable talking about this game, so I asked him to tell me everything. As a high class escort UK based or not, I think it’s really important to make the client feel comfortable.

Once he finished talking about the game, which I thought was quite interesting, we started talking about our private lives. He asked me about my job as a high class escort UK and London-based, and we both started being more comfortable with each other. When we started talking about our past sexual experiences, I finally got to the root of his anxiety. It turned out that this handsome young lad had never been with a girl before. He used to have a girlfriend, but they broke up before he had a chance to have sex with her.

I felt really excited about that, as I never had the chance to take someone’s virginity before. We talked a bit more, shared a delicious trifle for dessert and, upon seeing that he was still quite shy, I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere a little more private. He adorably asked me what place I had in mind and I suggested his hotel room. He then gave me a huge grin, his eyes lit up and said that it would be amazing.

I don’t know how another high class escort UK based or not, would feel about inexperienced men, but I saw this as an incredible opportunity. I’ve always wanted to be the one to start a young man on his sexual journey. When we got to his hotel room, I took his hand and put it on my breast. He started kissing me enthusiastically and I asked him to slow down a bit and really take the magic in. I took off his shirt, unbuckled his belt and started kissing him on his neck and chest. He was caressing my breasts, my bottom and told me that he wanted more hands so he could touch every part of me at once.

I smiled as I started kissing him lower and lower. I started kissing and licking his private areas up and down and I tried to give him the best view possible. Again, he told me that I was the best high class escort UK has to offer. He was a bit overexcited and had his first orgasm in a matter of minutes. But he didn’t go soft even for a second as I climbed on top of him, slipped him inside of me and rode him like a cowgirl. After a while, he started getting a bit bolder and he got up and started kissing my breasts. I timed my first climax just as he was having his second and it felt incredible for the both of us. Before our time together was up, we made love a few more times and in several different positions. I taught him a few do’s and don’ts and I think it was a magical experience for the both of us. “


An incredible example of passion and professionalism Alessia! Thank you for this wonderful story. If you want to create some unforgettable memories as well, you can book Alessia now! Check out her wonderful profile page and contact us!

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