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InCall OutCall
1 hour £600 £600
90 minutes £800 £800
2 hour £1000 £1000
Additional hour £400 £400
Dinner date (3hours) £1200 £1200
Overnight £2500 £2500


AGE 22
TRAVEL Worldwide

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The best high class escort girls in the world – Akira

Akira is, without a doubt, one of the best high class escort girls in the world. She has all the qualities needed by a successful high class courtesan and she knows how to apply her potential to the fullest. She is a young lady with a gorgeous, slender figure, a perfect face and a mind faster than a Ferrari. She is truly one of the best high class escorts London has to offer.

But we’ve been praising her enough. Let’s read her story and find out how one of the most interesting bookings in her career went.


High class escort girls tell their stories – Akira


"My favourite story as one of this city’s posh escorts started last summer. I was called by a man who wanted to set up a dinner date to get to know each other a little bit better. He told me that if dinner went well, he wanted to hire me for an entire week, for a vacation to Italy, my country of origin. I hadn’t left London in a really long time and I felt like I needed a change of scenery, so I accepted. I felt like it was one of those unique opportunities that only this city can offer to high class escort girls.

I met him in front of one of London’s best restaurants, where he was waiting for me with a dozen red roses. I liked him already. He was a very elegant, middle-aged gentleman, very tall and built by a large frame. His hair was grizzled and he looked like a former boxer who let himself go, but only a little bit. To be honest, I have always liked imposing men, physically or intellectually, who can dominate me and to whom I can look up to.

He ordered a bottle of champagne, which we shared while talking about ourselves. He told me that he was recently divorced and was extremely stressed by all the legal proceedings. He booked the trip to Italy because he wanted to get away from it all for a while and spend an entire week doing nothing but relaxing activities. He said he chose me because he was looking for high class escort girls who could speak Italian and could help him get around and break the language barrier.

We spent the remainder of our dinner date chatting and drinking more champagne. I really liked how attentive he was with me and I could tell that he liked me too. It wasn’t long before he asked me if I wanted to continue the evening at a hotel room and I accepted. Unfortunately, right before we left the restaurant, he received a call and told me that we had to postpone that part of our date. I was really disappointed, but I asked him if we could have at least 10 more minutes and if he wanted to get a little crazy. He said he could spare 10 minutes, so we went to the restaurant’s ladies’ room, where I let him have his way with me. It was brief but extremely intense and, luckily, nobody tried to come in. Afterwards, he told me he hopes all high class courtesan girls are just as daring as I am. I blushed.

We met again a couple of weeks later, as we boarded our flight together. We were both really happy to see each other and we spent the entire time talking and making plans. He booked a hotel room in the island of Sardegna. I knew all about it and I couldn’t wait to take him to the Costa Smeralda and to show him all the beauties that island had to offer. I told him about it and he said that’s exactly what he planned to do. He was happy that his first experience with high class courtesan girls was turning out so good.

When we got to the hotel room, he told me that there was something we still had to do properly before anything else. We started kissing and I could feel his hands exploring my every curve. He started kissing my neck as he undressed me, he unhooked my bra and started kissing my breasts while I was playing with him and caressing his thighs. We were extremely compatible sexually and we even managed to climax together, in one of the most tantric experiences I’ve ever had as one of this city’s high class escort girls.

During the next week, we did all sorts of amazing things. We went snorkelling, we climbed Sardegna’s highest mountain, and we made some great friends among the locals, including one extremely famous “material girl” who owns a mansion near the beach there. But most of all, we made sweet, passionate love. He wanted me so much, and that got me in the mood every single time. We did it in the morning every day, as we didn’t want to leave the room until we had satiated our hunger for each other. It was an extremely passionate week and one of my best experiences as one of this city’s high class call girls."


Thank you Akira for this very special story. You are a truly gifted and passionate girl. If you would like to book Akira and have the experience of a lifetime, check out her profile and contact us right now!

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